Our baguettes, bread specialities, fine and baked goods from France

Feasting like God in France...

Ein Teller mit einem Baguette und weiteren französischen Speisen

That's how France tastes

As we have had strong roots in France since our foundation, we, as the “Culinary Explorer”, offer you a very sought-after assortment of French specialities, best sellers and innovative products. We are convinced that certain bakery specialities are only of the highest quality when they are produced in their country of origin. That is where you will find the highest level of baking expertise and the most authentic ingredients. Everyone knows this, for example, eating breakfast on a trip to France.

Here we go

Stone Oven Baguette

Stone Oven Baguette Classic

Stone Oven Baguette Grain

Oven-Baked Sticks Classic

Stone Oven-Baked Rolls

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Chocolate Rolls