Frequently Asked Questions

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How can we help you?

If you have any questions about our company and our diverse baked goods, we would be happy to help you. We have already answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail, we will gladly answer you.

What are emulsifiers? What emulsifiers does IBIS use?

Emulsifiers are auxiliary substances which serve to mix and stabilize two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, to form a finely divided mixture, the so-called emulsion. Emulsifiers are used in some of our bakery products to ensure uniform product quality and optimum freshness. IBIS uses purely vegetable emulsifiers.

Are IBIS baked goods suitable for vegetarians and vegans?


IBIS has a variety of vegan and vegetarian products.

The reference "vegan according to recipe" does not automatically exclude traces of ingredients of animal origin that are also used in the production process (e.g. egg, honey etc.).

Are allergens contained in IBIS products?

People affected by allergies are dependent on receiving reliable information about the composition of food when shopping.
Therefore food manufacturers are obliged to provide labelling on all prepackages. The best way to find out which possible allergens are contained in the various IBIS products is to look under the information on the package.

What is gluten? Do IBIS baked goods contain gluten?

Gluten is a protein that is usually well tolerated and is found in many cereals and which is of crucial importance for the baking properties of a given flour.

However, people who are sensitive to gluten or who suffer from coeliac disease must strictly refrain from eating it because consuming gluten-containing products can have far-reaching consequences for their health. Not all of our products contain gluten.

Just take a look at our new "Lecker Bäcker" pastries.

What does the term "original French" mean?

IBIS products with names like "original French" or for example "original Spanish" are ones that are baked according to traditional recipes in the respective countries of origin. To achieve this, we work in conjunction with the best bakeries from all over the world and produce the finest pastries from the best ingredients. So our IBIS Baguettes are not only called baguettes, but are indeed original French baguettes. The same of course applies equally to our original Spanish Magdalenas.

Does IBIS use genetically modified ingredients?

Generally speaking, throughout our entire range of baked goods, we do not use genetically modified raw materials.

Where can I buy IBIS products?

We will be happy to assist you if you want to buy a particular IBIS product in your area. Please send us an e-mail indicating the exact product name, your post code and your name or use the Contact Form.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you freeze IBIS products?


IBIS pre-baked goods such as our baguettes, bread rolls and croissants, can be frozen for about a month in the unopened package. In this case, we recommend freezing them immediately after purchase. Before reheating, the product should not be thawed and refrozen.

How can I report a problem or make a comment to IBIS?

For questions or comments feel free to use the contact form or send us an e-mail.

IBIS provides top-quality products. However, if you nevertheless might not be satisfied, please be so kind to complete the complaint form. Your satisfaction is important to us!

What does the name IBIS actually mean?

IBIS is an abbreviation for “Internationaler Backwaren Import Service“ ("International Bakery Import Service“).

How can I apply for a job at IBIS?

If you wish to apply to work for us - regardless of whether you are just starting out or are an experienced professional - the appropriate application form is available in our career portal. On this web page, you will also find more information about a career at IBIS.

What does baking up mean?

With our lovely baking up product, you become the baker! Herewith you can finish baking a pre-baked product in your oven and then enjoy it warm.
In oder to facilitate, you will find instructions on the packaging but you can also customize them as you wish.

What is meant by Ready to eat?

You only have to take these products out of the package & enjoy - ready to eat.

Which products can you enjoy warm?

The marked products can also be enjoyed warm.
That's why our motto is: Try it warm! Quick and easy to heat up in the oven, toaster or microwave.

Why are some products pre-cut?

It saves you the tiresome cutting and the product still remains deliciously fresh.

For example our Butter Brioche - it keeps its beautiful fluffy shape by pre-cutting.

What does it mean when a product comes from organic farming?

The ingredients of this product come from organic farming and are certified according to EU guidelines.

What is meant by "without the addition of"?

"without the addition of" = ingredients which, according to the recipe, are not contained in the final product.

Attention: The indication "without addition" does not automatically exclude traces of allergens. You will find information on the respective packaging.