French Chocolate Rolls served with coffee

How does France taste? Like a warm Chocolate Roll...

IBIS Chocolate Rolls

Chocolate Rolls

Our classic, the "Pain au Chocolat" are simply irresistible - and have always been a delight for young and old. How do you like to enjoy your Chocolate Roll best? Warm or cold? At home or on the road? - enjoy it your way!

  • handy for when you're on the go
  • with 12% chocolate
  • our original from France

Weight: 360 g

Quantity: 8

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Nutrition facts

per 100 g

1739 kJ / 416 kcal
Total fat
22,0 g
Saturated fat
11,5 g
Total carbohydrate
46,0 g
13,0 g
7,0 g
1,00 g

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