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Training at IBIS

Right in the middle instead of just being there, that could be the motto of our trainees. An apprenticeship in which many things are explained and our trainees are given their own tasks. Taking on responsibility and receiving comprehensive support; this way, IBIS trainees can apply many of the things they learn at school in practice and gain exciting experiences.

From number crunching in controlling, route planning with colleagues in order management, store checks in sales to meetings and customer appointments.

Be a part of it and apply now for the training year 2021!

These are our trainees in the current training year 2020:

As a trainee always in the middle of the action, for example during a print approval with our Packaging Team at Smurfit Kappa

Apply now for the training year 2021:

Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade

Training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk at IBIS usually takes 3 years and is based on the dual system. It can be shortened due to good academic performance at vocational school and in the company. This is usually done in consultation with the trainee, as both sides must be prepared for this. You will go through all departments to understand processes and interrelationships, but also to find out where your strengths lie.

You have good prerequisites for the profession as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant if you have the following interests and skills:

  • An affinity for mathematics and you like dealing with numbers.
  • Good feeling for German, English and possibly other foreign languages
  • Good verbal and written expression and understanding of texts
  • sociability, communicative skills, negotiation skills, assertiveness if necessary
  • Commercial thinking
  • Customer and service orientation - friendliness and good manners
  • Planning and organizing gives you pleasure
Management assistant for marketing communication

Marketing communication means presenting products - in our case baked and fine baked goods - in such an interesting and tasty way that people want to buy them. As a management assistant for marketing communications trainee, we teach you, among other things, how to address our target group convincingly through various channels. This includes, for example, organizing trade fair appearances, placing advertisements in supermarket brochures or newspapers, or coordinating the management of our social media accounts with the agency. Your training usually lasts 3 years, takes place at our company and at vocational school, and can be shortened if you perform well.

If you have the following interests and skills, you have the right qualifications for a career as a management assistant for marketing communication:

  • You are communicative and can express yourself well both verbally and in writing.
  • Your German and English skills are also very good.
  • You enjoy organizing, planning and coordinating.
  • You are a helpful team player who is always open-minded and friendly.
  • You are very familiar with (social) media.
  • You like to design, come up with ideas and concepts and have enough patience and commitment to implement them.

IBIS Online education fair

On the occasion of our participation in the online training fair talentine on 16.03.2021, which we had prepared together with our trainees,
we would like to provide you with our videos about our training.
Here you get an insight into how demanding but also learning these apprenticeships are.
We shot the videos together with our trainees via smartphone - have a look!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Recipe videos of our trainees

Our eight trainees have conjured up something delicious for you. They really put a lot of effort into it and had fun doing so. They got together in teams of two and created a recipe out of their favourite IBIS product. Have a look at those recipes, we think they are great - ready to be copied...

Further information

We are also supporting the employment agency by again offering an opportunity for entry qualification from January 2021. Do you want to show what you can do to start your training as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade in summer 2021? Get information from your advisor at the employment agency and apply now!

ZAB Trade Fair

In 2020 we presented ourselves at the ZAB trade fair!

The fair ZAB Aachen (Zukunft Ausbildung Berufswahl) is the vocational and study fair of the vocational schools of the StädteRegion Aachen.

We got to know many of you, had great conversations and finally some of you had a trial day with us.

Our trainees were able to answer all your open questions and tell you exclusively about their training.

Your contact persons

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to call us on 02408/ 92 67-0 or contact us by e-mail:


Angelika Schwager & Sandy Braun-Schilberz