Simple, healthy and delicious!

Our "fit" bread specialities are the ideal basis for a nutritious and simple diet.

That's how fitness tastes

What is fitness? Are you the athletic type or more the leisure type? We think that nowadays everybody wants to eat healthy and is looking for solutions according to their preferences and habits. That's why fitness can taste different for everyone...

Maybe you like a little more grain in your bread or rolls? Or fitness is when you can quickly bake or toast something and then go out into the fresh air with the kids? For many situations we have an idea how you can make your everyday life easier and therefore suggest delicious products for your everyday fitness.

Delicious & with lots of grain

Protein Rolls

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Nordic Berry Burger Buns

IBIS Bio Finn Brød

Organic Finn Brød

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Guten Morgen Brötchen

IBIS Stone Oven Baguette

Stone Oven Baguette Grain

IBIS Super Grain Rolls

Super Grain Rolls

IBIS Sandwich Baguette XXL

Sandwich Baguettes XXL

Lebanese Bread

IBIS Smørbrød