Working atmosphere

Our company's conception of itself - our values

Our values ​​make their way into our everyday lives in the form of our processes and working methods, our decisions and basic attitudes. They influence our day-to-day work in small matters and in large, in strategic business decisions and in daily interaction with each other.

What makes us who we are

Fair cooperation, respect for others and treating all others as fellow humans are taken for granted in our firm. This includes equally the employees at our business partners, our own employees and job applicants.

We strive for uniqueness through continuous improvement. This means a culture of open-mindedness towards fresh, new ideas and the motivation of our employees to question processes and to break new ground together.

We remain aware of who we are, where we stand and especially where we want to go. We consider it essential to have a realistic self-assessment along with strategies and a vision for the future. This way it is possible to be successful every day and to continue to be successful in the future.

To give you an insight into what makes us tick as a team, we have put together a short film that was shot at the Aachener Firmenlauf 2022. The company run took place for the first time in our Pascalstraße and so we had the event right on our doorstep. We couldn't help but take part and of course celebrate a little together.
You can get a direct impression of what your potential new colleagues are like. Take a look!

You fit in well with us

...if you seize your opportunities and are willing to explore new paths

...if you have visions and want to hold on to them

...if you are enthusiastic and open

In your area of responsibility, you can act on an equal footing with our major trading partners, work on exciting projects and personally make an important contribution to our success.

You can always find the products in your supermarket that you made sure were available yesterday. And that makes you proud.