The fastest way to your table

we love the baking specialities of other countries

We focus on quality in the country of origin

IBIS has been working with the leading baking specialists and traditional bakers in Europe for 30 years. A close European network and a performance chain certified according to the highest international quality standards distinguish our partners and our own production facilities in France.

Through our Europe-wide network we ensure the success of our fresh baked specialities and can therefore guarantee the best quality warm and fresh on the table for everyone. Our products reach the warehouses of our trading partners as quickly as possible.

Our aim is the original taste

It couldn't be fresher, tastier and crispier - let us convice you!

We have the ambition to find new baking specialities in Europe again and again and we always try them ourselves first. After intensive tastings and tests, every year several new baked goods, whether sweet or savoury, come to your table for a variety of pleasurable situations.

Our IBIS team works with many experts

We at IBIS want to offer you diversity. We bring the results of our culinary journeys to your table at home. We talk to people from different countries and with different mentalities. That's why we at IBIS have a lot of experts on board, whether it's in the product and quality departments, or in the logistics and order management. Every day we do our best to let the tastes of this world enrich your everyday life. Baked where the main ingredients come from and where the best baking expertise is available to produce this speciality.

Just as we are looking for delicacies in many countries, we offer our baking specialites to all of our partners in Europe. For this purpose, our colleagues in the sales department are in daily contact with a wide range of partners. We want to inspire with our passion for high-quality baked goods and in our offices we also offer fresh baguettes, croissants and other delicacies every day. Because these are our passion.