Sandwich Baguette Brioche with a tasty topping

The other way of sandwich with original french brioche pastry

IBIS Sandwich Baguette Brioche

Sandwich Baguette Brioche

If you already love our Sandwich Baguette XXL, then you will experience the perfectly balanced pleasure with our new Sandwich Baguette Brioche. You can fill the Sandwich as you like and have a tasty snack to go or a delicious evening meal in no time. The Sandwich Baguette Brioche gets its special twist through the original brioche dough.

  • pre-cut and ready for filling
  • ready to eat
  • extra soft thanks to the use of a loose and delicate brioche dough.

Weight: 340 g

Quantity: 4 pieces

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Nutrition facts

100 g

1349 kJ / 320 kcal
Total fat
7,2 g
Saturated fat
1,5 g
Total carbohydrate
53 g
7,2 g
9,3 g
1,1 g

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