Careers at IBIS

We at IBIS Backwaren enjoy working together and treat each other with respect. And with teamwork, we create great things! That's why we are looking for new employees who fit well into our team.

Career at IBIS

How about an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade management assistant (f/m/d) or office management assistant (f/m/d) with us in Aachen?

Apprenticeship at IBIS

The IBIS Baking-Tradition

We have been going on a culinary journey for you again and again for more than 30 years. That is why we call ourselves "Culinary Explorer" and that is what we stand for:

  • Discovery and variety of baked goods - whether sweet or savoury
  • Enthusiasm and passion for the baking trade
  • We are always on the spot, where the best specialities and qualities are available

Since the foundation in 1990, it has been our absolute passion to go on a culinary journey of discovery in Europe's bakeries, to find original baked goods specialities, but also new baking trends and to bring them to Germany for you.

As we have strong roots in France since our origins, the "Culinary Explorer" offers you a highly sought-after assortment of French specialities, top sellers as well as innovative articles.

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