delicious crêpes with cocoa cream and strawberries

France's most popular snack - from Brittany for you

IBIS Crêpes


With our original IBIS Crêpes, we bring the feeling of special occasions to you. Enjoy them all year round, because everyone knows this special taste from France, which can never be perfectly replicated at home. Our Crêpes are from Brittany - that's why we bring the incomparable taste home to you.

  • with a high filling content (37.5 % cocoa cream)
  • wafer-thin Breton speciality
  • a breath of French lifestyle to go

Weight: 256 g

Quantity: 8

Nutrition facts

per 100 g

1895 kJ / 452 kcal
Total fat
21,0 g
Saturated fat
5,3 g
Total carbohydrate
58,0 g
36,0 g
6,7 g
0,79 g

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