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Raffle "Catweazle"

12-year-old Benny (Julius Weckauf) discovers the oddball magician Catweazle (Otto Waalkes) in his cellar, who has accidentally catapulted himself from the 11th century into the present day. Together, the two embark on an adventure to recapture Catweazle's magic wand before the rapacious art expert Dr. Metzler (Katja Riemann) can auction it off for a profit. For only with this wand can Catweazle return to his own time...

For the planned cinema release of "Catweazle" with Otto Waalkes, you can now win a 300 € voucher for a Greenline Hotel as well as one of 10 IBIS surprise packages.

Closing date: 31.15.2021

Anniversary sweepstake

Together with Pixum we want to make your dreams come true. In this competition there are no losers, only winners! By participating, each of you will receive a 10,- Euro voucher for a Pixum photo book as an instant prize. And with a bit of luck you can even win a Pixum voucher worth 100,- Euro for a mural or a large photo book!

Closing date: 31 October 2021

Ryobi Sweepstake

In cooperation with Ryobi we would like to assist you to get 1 out of 300 useful helpers for your home. Take a look at the delicious recipes created with our baked goods. Not only are they great to stock, they also taste fantastic. Fill out the sweepstake form and with a bit of luck you'll soon have one of these useful helpers!

Closing date: September 30th, 2021