IBIS Sandwich Baguette XXL deliciously filled

Perfect size for every topping - soft and fresh

IBIS Sandwich Baguette XXL

Sandwich Baguettes XXL

Our soft and fresh IBIS 4 Sandwich Baguettes XXL can be filled any way you like. Our baguette baked with wholemeal flour is an uncomplicated treat with no need for any tedious baking – an ideal snack during breaks or quickly prepared in the evening.

  • pre-cut and ready for filling
  • ready to eat
  • extra soft

Weight: 340 g

Quantity: 4

Nutrition facts

per 100 g

1355 kJ / 322 kcal
Total fat
8,9 g
Saturated fat
1,5 g
Total carbohydrate
48,5 g
6,9 g
10,3 g
1,00 g

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