Summertime - Picnic Time

Get on the picnic blanket and enjoy the open air!

Off to the picnic blanket!

Summer is here and that means it's time for the next outdoor picnic. We have prepared a great recipe for you that can be prepared days before the planned picnic. It's easy as pie, we promise! You can prepare the Bread Bacon Bombs to go with the IBIS Sandwich Baguettes Brioche or with the IBIS Sandwich Baguettes XXL.

Picnic - where does it come from?

People have been eating outdoors for as long as we can remember - starting with Adam and Eve. Later, too, people were forced to take their meals outside because they were farmers or shepherds, for example. The starting signal for the picnic was given by the satiated nobility. They sought a new kick in sensual enjoyment in the countryside. And with industrialisation, it became so cramped and stuffy in the cities that workers in their cramped rented flats longed for "fresh" air and the longing to return to nature triggered a Sunday mass movement to the countryside.

The origin of the word, however, is disputed: pique-nique or picnic. "Piquer" stands for "to pick" and "nique" for "little thing". Our German word Picknick, however, can also be traced back to the English picnic. In any case, the splendidly equipped picnic baskets were invented in the late 19th century in "quirky" England.

The card player Lord Sandwich significantly enriched the picnic culture by creating the sandwich named after him. The British physicist James Dewar inadvertently brought about a further advance in picnic culture: he invented a mirrored vessel with two walls in which to cool sensitive vaccines. The German glassblower Reinhold Burger, however, came up with the crucial idea of using this technology to keep liquids warm and invented the "thermos flask".

Our products for a picnic:

We have many products for a nice & sociable picnic. You don't need a recipe to make bread or a sandwich, because anything that tastes good is allowed. Whether sweet or savoury breads, a fresh food box with fruit or tasty cheese, a few chilled drinks and a few napkins - you're ready to go. But don't forget to pack a picnic blanket.

We have already planned our next picnic and have put together a few inspirations with our products for you in the picture gallery below.
When is your next picnic?

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