We wish you all a wonderful Advent season

Great recipe ideas for the Advent season

We have developed a few delicious and enjoyable recipes with our products for you for the reflective time before Christmas. We publish a new recipe idea here in time for every Sunday in Advent. Each recipe comes with a detailed preparation explanation and a video so you can follow every step. And don't worry, you don't have to be a professional - the recipes can be made by anyone.

So look forward to baked apple, marzipan and more.

Warming South Tyrolean Kaspressknödel Soup

Our fourth recipe for Advent is a warming South Tyrolean Kaspressknödel soup, for which we used IBIS Ciabatta and a good mountain cheese.

Kaspressknödel are a South Tyrolean and West Austrian speciality of flat-pressed dumplings made from dumpling bread and cheese, served as a soup accompaniment or fried in clarified butter as a main course with sauerkraut.

A regional variety is used for the cheese in each case. In Salzburg, for example, the dumplings are made with beer cheese, in Tyrol with mountain cheese or grey cheese, while in Vorarlberg Sura Kees is used.

Our warming Kaspressknödelsuppe is also ideal as a starter during Advent - but then it's best to serve only one dumpling so that there's still enough appetite for the main course.

We hope you enjoy cooking it!

Airy Tiramisu

Now the 3rd Advent is just around the corner and now it's going to be really delicious. Promise! Tiramisu (literally "pull me up") is a dessert from the Veneto region of Italy that has become famous far beyond its place of origin. We've modified it a bit and used our delicious IBIS milk rolls with chocolate chips for it. In any case, this dessert really makes a statement for dessert. A simple but visually very effective decoration gives this recipe the finishing touch. Why don't you try it out and let us know how you liked it?

Baked apple soufflé with marzipanBaked apple soufflé with marzipan

For the 2nd Advent, we thought of a traditional dish that is very popular during the Christmas season and modified it a little. Nothing smells more like Christmas than baked apples. Barely in the oven, they spread a very special Christmas atmosphere. Besides the classic preparation, there are numerous variations.

Therefore, we would like to whet your appetite for a baked apple casserole with marzipan. You will need IBIS sandwich baguettes, firm, slightly tart apples, such as Boskoop, and delicious marzipan. It's a good idea to serve it with a vanilla sauce. Hhhmm... our mouths are already watering. Give it a try. Once again, the link leads to our recipe video and the instructions. We wish you lots of fun!

Spicy Edible Advent Wreath

Our recipe idea for Advent is a savoury edible Advent wreath for a nice evening with family or friends. We bet it will be a real eye-catcher on your table. Crispy bread crisps with cheddar cheese in star and crescent shapes, spicy salami and delicious dips make for a cosy and shared snack.