Mother's Day on 14 May

Mother's Day - the day to honour mothers. Even though we should cherish and love our mothers every day, there is something beautiful about giving her extra love on this day.

The history of Mother's Day

Mother's Day can be traced back to ancient Greece. At their spring festivals, they worshipped the goddess Rhea, the goddess of earth and fertility.

In the 13th century in England, this day was introduced by King Henry the Third to visit the "Mother Church", but also to visit one's own mother.

However, Mother's Day only became known in the USA in 1907 by the Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis, who commemorated her mother, who had died two years earlier, on 12 May 1907. She called it the "Memorial Mothers Day Meeting". Through her activism, the day grew in popularity and is now celebrated in honour of motherhood in over 100 countries around the world.

Mrs Jarvis had distributed carnations after the first memorial service - white carnations for the deceased mothers, red for the living ones - carnations were her mother's favourite flowers.

This then provided inspiration for florists. Florists, jewellers, confectionery and greetings card manufacturers were equally quick to adopt the day as their own.

Anna Jarvis developed Mother's Day to make it a day of sentiment, gratitude and rights towards mothers. This day quickly became the most consumed day, next to Christmas. She was very annoyed about the commercialisation of the holiday.

Perhaps on this day we should also remember Anna Marie Jarvis, who put so much effort into this day.

In some countries, however, the tradition of Mother's Day does not exist.

In the countries of Albania, Russia and South Korea, Mother's Day is not celebrated. Instead, importance is attached to International Women's Day.

On 8 May, Albania and South Korea celebrate Parents' Day.

On this day, mother and father are honoured.

On 8 March, International Women's Day is celebrated together with Mother's Day in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Laos, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine.

In Mongolia, 1 June is Mother and Child Day, when mothers and children appreciate each other and spend a beautiful day together.

In Iran, Mother's Day is celebrated on the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed's daughter, Fatima bint Mohammed.

Unlike in European countries, Mother's Day in Ethiopia is celebrated at the beginning of the rainy season. When the first rains fall, there is a festival lasting several days with music, dancing and lots of food. Many mothers look forward to the visit of their eldest children.

In Mexico, the day is celebrated with music. The family gathers to worship the mothers with joyful songs. Some families even hire a mariachi band. One of the most popular Mother's Day gifts in Mexico is the greeting card.

In Greece, the focus is on lots of flowers. The whole house is decorated with colourful flowers and the mother can expect either breakfast in bed or a festively laid table. For dessert, there is a homemade honey cake called "melopita".

Children in France like to bake a cake in the shape of a bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day.

Spaniards like to go out to a restaurant on this day.

Mother's Day in Serbia is celebrated in a completely different way. The children sneak into the bedroom in the morning and tie their mother's feet in bed. The mother is only released when she has been able to buy her way out with sweets.

In Japan, children classically give mothers red carnations. The flower stands for pure love and gratitude. They then like to spend the day at festivals held for Mother's Day.

People in India celebrate Mother's Day for ten days. The celebration is a mix of religious ceremonies and family festivities. These days are not only about one's own mother, but also about the mothers of friends or relatives. In addition to gifts, people also like to bring home-cooked food.

In Thailand, all houses and streets are decorated and festivities are held. Privately, mothers are given flower arrangements of jasmine and roses. A trip to the temple is also an important part of Mother's Day, similar to other Southeast Asian countries.

On the feast for the mother in Italy, mothers can also enjoy flowers and sweet delicacies. Some mothers receive huge gift baskets or other noble attentions.

In the Netherlands, mothers get breakfast in bed. But there is also the family ritual of having a big breakfast together or even a barbecue for the whole family. Mothers in the Netherlands also receive flowers or, traditionally, a bouquet of tulips.

As in Germany, children in the USA also give their mothers flowers and handicrafts. To make the day even more festive, some families go out to eat or cook together. This is also the day when the most phone calls of the year take place in the USA.

All customs express one and the same thing: Mamas do a lot and deserve thanks for it. And the most beautiful thanks is the love for the mother!


Exactly 100 years ago, in 1923, Mother's Day was celebrated for the first time in Germany. Maybe you can give your mother a little pleasure by preparing something delicious for her.

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