Let's get to the grill tongs

Our new IBIS Grill!Gut! 5 Grid-Breads are currently also available in the new BBQ box from brandnooz.de together with many other delicious branded products for the whole family to grill and picnic. With delicious side dishes, spicy sauces, our great barbecue breads and sparkling drinks, the BBQ box from brandnooz.de will heat up the next barbecue properly and provide for culinary summer nights!

More information can be found in the brandnooz blog or watch the brandnooz YouTube channel, where Tommy Toalingling and Moin Liz face a very special cooking challenge with the majority of the boxed products. The result is a wide range of delicacies for a barbecue spectacle in your home garden, favourite park or even in your own kitchen - click here to watch the video.