IBIS Grid-Bread - barbecue bread for topping and dipping

Our Grid-Bread absorbs your grill sauce - perfect for dipping and topping

IBIS Grid-Bread


These eye-catchers for every barbecue party are the ideal complement for side dishes and barbecues. The unique corrugated structure of our IBIS Grid-Breads is a match for any sauce or delicious dip – no more drips or spills.

  • for toppings and dipping
  • corrugated structure – optimally crispy and yet soft
  • innovative Barbecue article as a seasonal eye-catcher

Weight: 320 g

Quantity: 5

Nutrition facts

per 100 g

1145 kJ / 271 kcal
Total fat
4,6 g
Saturated fat
0,6 g
Total carbohydrate
48,0 g
3,6 g
7,7 g
0,73 g

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