Our stone oven baguettes to bake fresh yourself

The Lieblinge-Box 2021 is an exclusive theme box with the most popular products and brands of the last 12 months at brandnooz.
The original French IBIS Stone Oven Baguette Classic has been part of the culinary explorer's range for many years and therefore has its place in this box.

This is how France tastes!

Nothing stands for France like a baguette! Our original French stone-oven baguette is one of the top sellers in our diverse range of European baked goods specialities.

We have been bringing this supreme art of baking to the tables of German consumers for more than 10 years.
Our original is made according to "Grande Tradition" criteria, so you can taste the special flavour created by the long resting of the dough.

Available as "Classic" and "Korn" variants.

  • original French recipe
  • baked with natural sourdough
  • long resting time for a special taste
  • refined with sea salt