Burger Buns with scandinavien Flair

Burger Buns with scandinavien Flair

IBIS, the culinary explorer, has done a lot of tinkering over the past year and created an absolute innovation with Scandinavian roots: The Nordic Berry Burger Buns made from powerful oats and tasty cranberries.

Oats have been a staple food of people in colder climates such as Scandinavia, Germany, Scotland or Ireland for thousands of years - and are probably by far the best and healthiest of all common grains. It is low in gluten and at the same time significantly more nutritious than all other cereals.

To go with the oats, we have chosen cranberries as another ingredient: These are widely used in Scandinavian cuisine and give the Nordic Berry Burger Buns an absolute kick. With their sweet and sour note, they stand out very well from the other baking ingredients and create a harmonious taste experience when enjoying the burger.

Last but not least, the new hexagonal shape is a clear differentiator from conventional buns.

Foto: chefkoch.de
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Nordic Berry Burger Buns