Support for "Leben ist Fülle e.V." (Life is Fullness)

Today we would like to introduce you to Maria. Maria Welz is the founder of the association "Leben ist Fülle e.V." and she has been providing needy families and refugees with food that can no longer be sold for many years. Since Corona, the demand has grown incredibly and so Maria decided to found a non-profit association.

You might ask yourself why these people don't just go to the food banks? But many don't even know that they are entitled to the food bank or that it exists at all. The bureaucratic mills grind slowly and many people in need of help simply do not know German. You can find Maria via Google Translator.

In contrast to the food bank, Maria and her association "Leben ist Fülle e.V." also offer people help to help themselves. They learn how to pick up food from shops themselves and offer them their contacts.

Their work creates win-win-win situations: The producers are happy that they have to dispose of less, the environment is protected and the people have enough to eat. Maria distributes several times a week in her courtyard and also in churches.

We were happy to support Maria and her club with our new Nordic Berry Burger Buns!

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Nordic Berry Burger Buns