Get the barbecue going - it's time to fire up again!

We, as culinary explorer, have a variety of products that are perfect for barbecue fans and lovers of flickering fire and glowing coals.

Brand new in our range are the IBIS Pita Sticks, which we don't want to deprive you of, and they can do something! Our new Pita Sticks are ideal for barbecue sauces and dips and can be placed on the grill right next to the other food. Then the bread side dish is ready in no time. Try it out!

  • suitable for grill & oven
  • perfect for dips and barbecue sauces

Our 2 bbq baguettes are also very popular with BBQ fans:

As mini baguettes, they are the ideal size for any barbecue at 125 g each. What would barbecuing be without bread and dips? Our original French stone oven baguettes are simply part of the barbecue.

  • practical in a split pack
  • crispy and ready to cook directly on the barbecue or in the oven
  • original French and pre-baked in the stone oven

The IBIS grid breads are our visual eye-catcher for every barbecue party and the ideal side dish companion and barbecue food holder at barbecues. The unique ripple structure of our lattice breads easily takes on any sauce or delicious dip - nothing drips or spills.

  • can be topped and dipped
  • fluted structure - optimally crispy yet soft
  • a real eye-catcher for the season

These are just three of the products we are presenting to you here. You can find out what else we have to offer in our "Grilling" product world.

Just take a look, have a sniff and get some ideas for your next barbecue.

The invention of the kettle grill

In the 1950s, the Americans put barbecue on the German culinary map. The inventor of the mobile kettle grill, George Stephen, made a not insignificant contribution to this.

Stephen was determined not to let a thunderstorm spoil the barbecue party in his garden one day. Defying the weather, the inventor simply assembled the first kettle grill using materials from his employer, Weber Brothers Metal Work. This was the birth of the well-known Weber barbecue. The kettle grill sparked the Americans' enthusiasm for barbecuing and they brought barbecuing with them to Germany during the occupation.

More and more Germans became enamoured with the fun of the barbecue and have been firing up the barbecue at home in the garden or on the balcony at weekends or after work ever since.

Slow cooking in the smoker

They are no longer brand new on the market, yet smokers are among the barbecue trends of 2021. Originally from the USA, they are increasingly conquering the European barbecue market. The biggest difference to classic charcoal grills: with smokers, the food is not cooked directly over the fire, but in the smoke and hot air that is radiated from the charcoal. The food can neither burn nor dry out.

Kamado - the barbecue trend from the Far East

Japanese kamado grills are also quite new on the market in this country and are therefore among the grill trends of 2021. The typical feature is the egg-shaped body made of ceramic, which stores heat over a long period of time - ideal for long cooking times. The lid remains closed most of the time, while a hot air stream forms inside. The temperature can be easily regulated, and you can also bake pizza or bread in the Kamado.

Convivial barbecuing on the fire plate

Fire plates are especially suitable for larger barbecue evenings, which we hope will soon be possible again. The round plates are placed on top of the kettle grill or a fire barrel and are therefore a sociable alternative, as you can also stand around the hot plate in a group.

Alternative barbecue trend - the "Dutch oven

Dutch settlers brought the "Dutch oven" to the USA - in the meantime, the outdoor cooking trend has spilled back across the Atlantic to Europe. Strictly speaking, it is not about grilling. Rather, it is a cast-iron pot that you simply place on three legs in an open fireplace.

A suitable lid is used to close the pot, in which high temperatures can arise due to direct contact with the fire. You can bake bread in this "oven", for example - but it is also suitable for stew, goulash or roasts.