Alaaf and Helau!

The carnival season is approaching and so we have created a new recipe for bread doughnuts with cinnamon sugar....

The fact that doughnuts are eaten especially during carnival has a historical background. Already in the Middle Ages, people ate particularly fatty food at this time of year, i.e. before fasting. The doughnut, which had a different name at the time, was one of these particularly fatty foods and was therefore on the menu of many people. Even though many people are no longer aware of this tradition, the sweet pastry is still very popular during carnival time.

Here we show you a recipe for making these doughnuts from IBIS baguette rolls. You only need a few ingredients, such as milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, flour and oil - and you're ready to go. Take a look at the recipe and try out these delicious doughnuts.

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Baguettes And Baguette Rolls