IBIS Mini-Croissants with jam and raspberries

Sometimes small ones are really big - so our minis, mmmh!

IBIS Mini-Croissants


With our IBIS Mini-Croissants made from a French recipe, we bring the taste of France to the breakfast table in the highest quality. And it's easy for you! Open the bag, put the croissants in the oven and the little heroes are ready to enjoy - try one or two or three…

  • our tip: they taste even better when warmed briefly in the oven for 2–3 minutes
  • a classic in mini form – always popular
  • refined taste

Weight: 300 g

Quantity: 10

Nutrition facts

per 100 g

1736 kJ / 415 kcal
Total fat
20,2 g
Saturated fat
9,1 g
Total carbohydrate
50,0 g
9,0 g
7,2 g
1,00 g

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