Recipe idea for Christmas

Recipe idea for Christmas

Chocolate Plum Pudding from the Muffin Tin

For the Christmas season, we, the culinary explorer, have embarked on a culinary journey to our island neighbours. Plum Pudding, or Christmas Pudding, is a dish traditionally served in the UK, Ireland and some Commonwealth countries on Christmas Day. Despite the name, the dish did not initially contain plums; in the past, sultanas and also other dried fruits were referred to as "plum", hence the name.

We made this dish with our IBIS brioche and modified it a little. Plum pudding has been prepared mainly in a pudding mould since the 20th century. However, we decided to use a muffin tin. This way we get several small, handy Plum Puddings.

Give our Christmas recipe idea a try. A recipe video is also available this time.

Did you already know?

The consistency of the original plum pudding is quite firm. After cooking, the pudding will keep for about a year if stored between 4 and 7 °C - depending on how it is prepared, it may keep for much longer: At the end of 2015, a 46-year-old Christmas pudding discovered during a house clearance was tasted in Nottingham, England, and its taste was judged to be "fantastic". The dish had previously been microbiologically tested and found to be safe.

Our version of the plum pudding, however, should definitely not be left for so long! We recommend tasting it directly. Simply delicious!

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