IBIS 5 grid breads are nominated

Every year, the "RUNDSCHAU" for the food trade awards prizes for the most successful new product of the year in various categories. Based on measured sales data and a potential test, this prize is awarded with the support of media partner Axel Springa media impact.

The award

The basis for determining the BEST SELLERS is the sales data from the proven InfoScan retail panel of the market research institute IRI and data from GfK's market analyses. An independent advisory board assesses the top 5 in the respective product group final, based on the sales figures from the entire German food trade (shops from 200 m² upwards without discount) and drugstores - i.e. objectively measurable data. All product innovations measured from 01.06.2018 to 31.5.2019 are recorded. The most successful new products are shortlisted.

The new products on the shortlist are evaluated by the advisory board with the support of market research to determine their potential for consumers and the trade. The potential of a new product may lie in a new product concept, a new recipe, handling or a new type of packaging.

The IBIS Grill!Gut! 5 Grid-Breads are among the best-selling new products in the bread, baked goods category and have been nominated for the BEST SELLER 2019:

New in our Grill!Gut! Range and the optical eye-catcher for every barbecue party: They make a great impression on the grill and are the ideal side dish companion and barbecue food holder for barbecues. The unique ripple structure also takes it easy with every sauce and every tasty dip. Nothing drips or spills anymore. The new IBIS 5 Grid-Breads can also be filled with a variety of toppings to suit your own taste. content: 5 Grid-Bread | 320 g