We wish you all a wonderful Easter season

Here are our creative and quick recipes for Easter:

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. Kids love muffins and with the right ingredients you can make delicious mug cakes quickly and easily.
Try our simple but sophisticated recipe for Happy Easter Mug Cakes made with IBIS Milk Buns with Chocolate Chunks - they're really quick to make.

Let us inspire you for Easter or for Easter brunch with the family. Not only do we have delicious recipes - both sweet and savoury - but our baked goods are also very decorative on the Easter table. All the recipes are very easy to make, as Mug Cakes are easy to make and bake in just a few minutes - ideal for those with an impatient sweet tooth.

The little cakes are also often called mug cakes and are prepared directly in the mug in the microwave or in the oven.

And here's our recipe (with video) for the Happy Easter Mug Cakes with IBIS Milk Buns with Chocolate Chunks:

Easter carrots in the IBIS Magdalenas bed

Our Easter carrots in the Magdalena bed are the eye-catcher on the Easter table. Not only do you create a delicious dessert, but also a pretty edible decoration that really makes an impression. In addition to the baking ingredients, all you need are a few small, untreated clay pots. You can also give our baked Easter carrots in pots to your loved ones at Easter.
You can use the clay pots again and again later, for example to bake delicious chocolate muffins in them (but of course also for small pretty plants or herbs).

Take a look at our recipe for Easter carrots in the IBIS Magdalena bed.

Spicy Happy Easter Mug Cakes

In addition to brightly coloured eggs, Easter also includes the much-loved chocolate bunnies, a freshly baked yeast plait or an Easter lamb still warm and sprinkled with icing sugar. These are the treats we look forward to. However, it can quickly become too much and too powerful for us. That's why we've come up with a savoury recipe for you: Spicy Happy Easter Mug Cakes with IBIS natural milk rolls. Ideal for Easter brunch with the family or as a small aromatic starter for Easter dinner. Fresh spring onions, feta cheese, herbs and aromatic dried tomatoes are used. And again, you don't need a baking dish - just large coffee mugs. It can be prepared in the microwave or in the oven. Give it a try!

Here you can find our recipe for the spicy Happy Easter Mug Cakes with practical video instructions:

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