Donations for Ukraine

Hilfe für Ukraine e.V.

An employee of the Centre for Child, Youth and Family Assistance "Maria im Tann" in Aachen told us about the newly founded association "Hilfe für Ukraine e.V.". The members of the association organise aid transports from Broichweiden near Aachen to Ukraine.

The "Maria im Tann" centre, which has been closely associated with IBIS for more than 20 years, supported the relief action in the course of the first transport with urgently needed sleeping mats and sleeping bags, which were donated by the children and young people of the centre. The management team promised the children and young people that new sleeping bags and mats would be purchased in the spring - among other things for their experiential education trips - and so the willingness was very great! The children and young people as well as the colleagues from "Maria im Tann" donated so many things that they did not all fit into one car and had to be shuttled to Broichweiden several times.

IBIS Backwaren also immediately agreed to provide directly edible baked goods for the next transport (a 40 tonne truck was hired for this purpose).

If you are interested in the donation campaign of the newly founded association "Hilfe für die Ukraine e.V.", you can click on the link to facebook and read about the great commitment.

Photos: Hilfe für Ukraine e.V. / Maria im Tann, Aachen / IBIS Backwaren

IBIS Backwaren also supported the city of Düsseldorf as part of a fundraising campaign for over 1,000 Ukrainian refugees who had come to Düsseldorf. Here, too, directly edible food was needed, which could be distributed unbureaucratically to the refugees. Our employee Ute Senftleben, who lives in Düsseldorf herself, personally took care of the delivery and lent a hand with the unloading.