Leftover use ciabatta

The special thing about ciabatta is the irregular large holes and the firm, crispy crust as well as the elongated flat shape. Incidentally, the Duden does not specify whether it is called die or das Ciabatta. Translated into German, ciabatta means slipper, which is supposed to come from the bread's usually flat, wide and elongated shape.

Incidentally, ciabatta has not been around as long as many might think: It was developed and first marketed in 1982 by Arnaldo Cavallari in a bakery in Rovigo in Veneto.

We will show you how to make a very tasty and juicy apple pie from a leftover ciabatta. You only need the classic ingredients such as flour, milk, eggs, butter, which you would normally use for a homemade cake, and of course apples. Otherwise it wouldn't be an apple pie.

Our recipe is designed for a whole tray of apple pie, i.e. for about 16 pieces. Of course, you can also reduce the quantities accordingly and then use a smaller baking tin.

Just watch our recipe video and maybe you will surprise your loved ones with this ciabatta apple pie soon.

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