The constantly growing transport volume and the associated risks and burdens for environment and nature, increasing competition and changing market conditions, such as rising tolls; volatile and increasing fuel costs; tightening social regulations and the legal framework make the search for sustainable transport concepts inevitable.


IBIS works with leading transport and logistics companies such as Paneuropa and LKW Walter, which integrate sustainable principles into their management processes and their entire value chain. It is important to these companies that they actively involve business partners and social contacts and inspire them for sustainability.
The ecological optimization and the economical use of resources are elementary points of the company's philosophy and transports shifted to environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Besides the inland waterway craft offers the combined road-rail transport the best alternative transportation. The particular advantages show optimal effects: large quantities of goods, long distances and calculable transport times allow the rail to be used and relieve the load on motorways. The road, on the other hand, is superior when it comes to distributing goods flexibly on site.

IBIS also implements the "Combined Transport" concept and logistics manager Andrea Schumm has again received the "Green Logistics" certificate this year on behalf of the entire "Paneuropa" company and the "CO² Reduction Certificate" from "LKW Walter" to avoid harmful CO² carbon dioxide emissions.


Photo: LKW Walter