Each ingredient under scrutiny

Flour, butter, sugar and eggs make up the nutritionally valuable constituents on which the baker's trade is based, and in the foodstuffs industry, agricultural commodities are decisive factors when it comes to cost calculations and yields. So it is important to keep the global resource situation in view in order to offer our customers a good price-quality relationship.

We take the increased demands made by customers and consumers into account and show respect and responsibility towards people, nature and the environment. This is why in the production of our bakery products we take care to avoid artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

We only use eggs produced in barns and do not process any genetically modified raw materials. We check all the packaging materials we use for their environmental impact and ability to be recycled.

Every day we are working away at always offering German, and also to some extent European food retailers, new, innovative and tasty international bakery specialties.


We are distinguished

We meet the high requirements of the European market through continuous checks on our products and services. Our quality management system, certified according to IFS (International Featured Standards) to a high level as well as the annual DLG tests and awards, have been ensuring this on a continuing basis for many years.

We consider the compliance of our established quality standards and our own high standards not as an imposed obligation, but rather as a promise to our customers to handle food properly, as it deserves, at all times.

With enthusiasm and expertise, we provide our customers with excellently manufactured products that they can rely on every day.


IBIS - International bakery specialties at the highest level!