Whaou! Crêpes Cracky - original french snacking

Whaou! Crêpes Cracky - ...and one with the extra crunch!

Whaou! Crêpes Cracky

Whaou! Crêpes Cracky

The crêpes from Whaou! get their typical crêpe taste from the use of the best and freshest ingredients such as fresh eggs, fresh milk and French flour. For those with a sweet tooth we offer crêpes with a delicate cocoa creme filling and many crunchy chocolate pops - for that extra crunch and chocolaty taste. If you need a little variety, you can always try our classic Whaou! Crêpes with a nut nougat creme filling - you will never get bored here!

  • wafer-thin, Breton speciality from the leading brand Whaou!
  • a breath of French lifestyle to go
  • conveniently individually packed

Weight: 192 g

Quantity: 6

Nutrition facts

100 g

1977 kJ / 473 kcal
Total fat
24,0 g
Saturated fat
8,6 g
Total carbohydrate
56,0 g
34,0 g
6,9 g
0,76 g

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