Our first sweet bread fresh from the oven to share

Pick Rolls with belgian chocolate

Pick Rolls with belgian chocolate

The new "Zupf-Brötchen" with original Belgian chocolate represent our first sweet bread to bake on - a true innovation! They are characterised by their soft and fluffy consistency. Practically pre-baked and therefore very popular with you for ready-baking. The chocolate chips melt easily in the warm dough. This makes them an absolute must at the breakfast table, especially for those with a sweet tooth, but with a little creativity they can also be combined in many ways.

  • to bake up and share with family and friends
  • with original Belgian chocolate

Weight: 270 g

Quantity: 9

Nutrition facts

100 g

1298 kJ / 308 kcal
Total fat
8,0 g
Saturated fat
1,8 g
Total carbohydrate
50,2 g
7,7 g
7,4 g
1,08 g

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