IBIS Mini Chinois with Chocolate Chips served with coffee

Finest baked goods from France - for chocolate fans

IBIS Mini Chinois with Chocolate Chips

Mini Chinois with Chocolate Chips

Our Mini Chinois are true originals. These fine little yeast snails will put a smile on your face! Extra creamy with lots of vanilla cream filling & the extra kick of delicious chocolate pieces. Well, if that doesn't sound like pleasure... which we want to share with you!

  • individually wrapped
  • soft and creamy
  • high filling content & the extra kick of chocolate

Weight: 300 g

Quantity: 6

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Nutrition facts

per 100 g

1270 kJ / 302 kcal
Total fat
9,4 g
Saturated fat
3,4 g
Total carbohydrate
46,3 g
19,6 g
6,8 g
0,65 g

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