Introducing ourselves

We are one of the major German production and distribution companies in the bakery sector. But even more so, we are people with visions for the future and who enjoy what we do. With our employees, we are working on  offering German, and also to some extent European food retailers, always new and attractive, international bakery specialties.

We are proud of having been able to do this ever more successfully for over twenty years. Based on the innovative ideas of intrepid founders, we have grown continuously to become a strong partner in the market. We continue to write this success story based on fresh ideas.

An employer to your taste

The aroma of crisp, fresh rolls and croissants enters through the office doors in the morning. Relaxed social gatherings take place at the large lunch table. And in the afternoons, meetings with the management who sit in the office right next door. Direct communication channels, fast decisions and personal contact, in addition to a professional approach, are what characterize our firm.

Employees are the key ingredients

Whether a long-standing employee or a new one, whether a trainee or an executive. Each one with his own personality, his qualification and his talent is needed. The right mixture is what makes it work!  So we want to develop and encourage every talent, because this is the only way we can organize the firm to meet the future and improve on a continuous basis.

Quality at every step

We are united by the awareness of the fact that each individual shares the responsibility for placing a perfect product on the consumer's table. As a consequence, we focus our daily work and our thinking on the special characteristics of our products, and even if the points of contact between individuals are sometimes limited, together we still make up more than the sum of all skilled and dedicated employees.