Our logistics expertise sets high standards

In a world in which the sites where a product is manufactured, assembled and sold are located ever further apart, efficiently directing the flow of goods is a particular challenge.

In all this, food logistics is the ultimate challenge in the goods transportation business and this is being subjected to a highly dynamic development process.

It is no longer enough to deliver the right product at the right time at the right place. What is needed is sensitivity, speed, reliability and above all a high degree of flexibility - and these attributes characterize IBIS' logistics concept.

We provide our customers with Europe-wide delivery and an optimized logistics balance sheet. The basis of our activities is the interwoven system of goods flows, information, carriers and people. We send order quantities on their way by lots of different means: unit loads, part or full loads.


We opt for quality and our standards are high

This is why IBIS also works with the leading specialists in food logistics in Europe. Our partners are distinguished by having a close-knit European network and a performance chain certified according to the highest international quality standards.

Through our Europe-wide logistics management and the fastest possible delivery, we ensure the success of our fresh-baked specialties and so can guarantee every customer the best quality - within 48 hours of ordering, within Germany. This way, our products reach our trading partners' warehouses with the best minimum shelf life by the fastest possible route. We thus supply both central and cross-docking warehouses as well as individual branches with picked goods.

It's impossible for them to be fresher, crispier and more delicious - see for yourself.


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