Community commitment

We show respect and responsibility towards our fellow human beings and are committed to social projects. For the past 20 years IBIS Backwaren has consistently supported social projects in the company's home town of Aachen.

Supporting the "Maria im Tann" Centre for children, youngsters and families in Aachen are at the forefront of our efforts. The children and youngsters in residential childcare there, because of their individual backgrounds, have far poorer prospects for a start in life than children who enjoy the security and encouragement of their families. In this context, we also maintain a close dialogue with the educators and teachers as well as with the management of the centre.

We support the work of the centre in order to give the children and youngsters the opportunity to be accepted in their individual ways by society and to participate fully in it, to become involved and later in their professional lives to become respected members of the community.

Our commitment is not restricted only to financial support of this institution, but rather we offer our active involvement.

For example, each year on 23 December, we invite all the children from "Maria im Tann" to a joint Christmas excursion to the Cologne "Aqualand" water park.

For this trip, Christmas packages are lovingly packed by the IBIS staff for all the children and youngsters, which, in addition to sweets and Christmas pastries, also contain small gifts or toys. The excursion takes place with all the children and youngsters, the supervising teachers and IBIS employees and, both for us and for the centre, it has already become a decade-long tradition.


Furthermore IBIS encourages its staff and friends to take part in the traditional "Aachen Solidarity Run" whose proceeds are used to support regional projects for the unemployed. This contributes to company employees becoming aware of the precarious conditions under which other people live.

Particularly the long-term unemployed and young people without job prospects are to undergo training, become qualified and receive advice through the many church projects financed by the proceeds.

In the 2013 run, the IBIS employees ran an impressive number of 424 laps in total. For each lap, 10 euros were donated by the company and split on a fifty-fifty basis.


IBIS Baked Goods sponsors the Aachen football club FC Inde Hahn. The club carries out many projects that go beyond the normal scope of training and managing games and demonstrates social commitment.

More than just doing sports together: Unfortunately, not all families in the region have the financial means to allow their children to take part in a sport with a club and thus also to make important social contacts that are important for development and growing up. The FC Inde Hahn therefore tries, as far as possible, to help these children and young people individually with money from the fundraising group. This can be done, for example, by acquiring sportswear or providing tickets for public transport.


Of course we are involved in the work of  "Die Tafeln" (” the meal centres”) in the Aachen region, where the needy who, for instance, are on Unemployment Benefits I or II, receive social security or even just a small pension, are helped out with food and hot meals. Nearly a third of them are children and young adults looking for prospects for their future. For this purpose, at regular intervals the meal centres receive deliveries of goods from us, from our product range.

"Lichtblicke Aachen" (“Rays of Hope, Aachen”) is a charity for children and young people suffering from cancer and other severe illnesses, which was founded by parents and families to organise activities that bring a few “rays of hope” to daily life in the hospital. Without state funding, this charity is solely dependent on support from private individuals and companies. IBIS therefore supports Lichtblicke with donations at Christmas time. 

Our social activities and especially the work of the "Maria im Tann" Centre will continue to be the focus of our active efforts over the next few years.