IBIS - tradition and passion

For almost 30 years, we have been maintaining high standards in dealing with our baked goods on a daily basis. In the process, our main focus is not only on our products - at IBIS, the focus is on people. These include our customers and business partners and of course our employees because they are the key ingredients for the success of a company.

Over this period IBIS has successfully developed into an important production and distribution company and today belongs to the elite of the German bakery industry. Consumers appreciate the high quality and the special taste of our diverse products - and for the food trade we are a reliable and professional partner.


European variety - bite for bite

We provide a comprehensive assortment of delicious baked goods from many European countries, made under the careful inspection of a professional quality management force. One of our key aspects is French, Spanish and Italian specialties that are baked according to traditional recipes, with enthusiasm for the baker's craft while using the latest production techniques.

All across Europe, customers choose IBIS baked goods every day. In Germany alone, our products are represented at more than 31,000 retail outlets in the food retail trade, under the IBIS brand or as own brand goods - from inexpensive staples to selected specialty goods.

The satisfaction of our customers is the best proof of our efforts to continue to provide the best of European pastry.

IBIS represents the perfection of enjoyment, tradition, love and craftsmanship.

This is something you can taste which makes us proud as we continually strive to move ahead with great enthusiasm and fresh ideas.