And once again it was time to lace up our running shoes and get going to the market in Aachen! 

All participants run, stroll or stride out for projects to help people out of work. As part of the "Aachen September Special", the 32 IBIS staff, the management and friends of the company did their roughly one-kilometre laps around the Town Hall and Cathedral - each one as often as he or she could manage.

Photos: IBIS GmbH

But regardless of whether they were fast or slow, did a lot or only a few rounds: the important thing was to take part and make a contribution. And once again, the 8th Aachen Solidarity Run with almost 1000 runners impressed all involved. To get their strength back afterwards, all the participants were given fresh fruit and delicious IBIS chocolate rolls.
After all, just under 20,000 people are registered as unemployed in the city region. "In particular the long-term unemployed and young people without job prospects are to be given training, qualifications and advice in many church projects," as Gert Mertens, head of the Regional Dean's office, well knows.

Photo: Bistum Aachen

But not only projects for the unemployed benefit: under the slogan "Fifty-Fifty", sponsors and active participants were able to do good twice over. 50 per cent of the money raised by the run was destined for church projects for the unemployed; the runners themselves could donate the other half to a charity or a good cause of their choice. For many years IBIS Backwaren has been supporting the "Maria im Tann" Centre for children, youngsters and families in Aachen and  this year the IBIS running team covered the admirable number of 424 laps for this institution.

For each lap, €10 was donated by the company and divided on a fifty-fifty basis.

If you would also like to support the Centre, please contact the Director Stefan Küpper:

Unterer Backertsweg 7, D-52074 Aachen